Own A Franchise

• Since being founded in 1994, Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli has remained a family-owned and community oriented company.
• We seek partners who honor those same values and share a passion for the finest deli food anywhere.

Where To Find Us

• With 19 locations and growing, Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli is proud to have a strong footprint in Colorado and locations in states across the country.
• We want to be your neighborhood choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We look forward to opening a location near you.

Heidi's Brooklyn Deli Menu

Our Menu

• Every Heidi’s bakes 8 different flavors of bread from scratch with NO additives or preservatives.
• The variety of Heidi’s menu includes high quality sandwiches, fresh salads, handmade bagels, breakfast, soups, wraps and fruit smoothies.
• Recipes are made in-house and clean and natural ingredients are sourced whenever possible.
• Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli looks forward to serving food made from the freshest ingredients.